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The Board Certified & Fellowship-Trained Experts at Sano are at the forefront of modern advancements and technologies in treating sports-related injuries.

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Sports Medicine Overview:

Even the safest of athletes can sometimes encounter an injury that can leave them watching from the sidelines. Not only can this be painful, but it can take a great toll on your mental state. Injury prevention is an area of focus for our entire staff.  If an injury does occur, we’re here to make sure that you’re able to continue doing what you love.

When an athletic injury happens, the first thing on the mind of the athlete is to get back on the field, court, or track in the quickest amount of time. Sports medicine doctors are specially trained to restore that function to patients and get them active again as soon as possible. These injuries can range in severity, from ankle sprains to knee and shoulder injuries, but the doctors will help you gain strength and work with you to prevent further injuries from occurring.

Because sports injuries can occur anywhere in the body, symptoms can vary. It’s important to contact a physician whenever an injury or accident occurs so that you can get the best treatment as quickly as possible.

Common Injuries:


Back, Neck, Foot, and Heel Pain


Joint Sprains (ankle, hip, knee, shoulder)


Muscle Strains






Shin Splints


Labral Tears


Rotator Cuff Overuse




Stress Fractures



Why Choose SANO?

Our physicians are trained in all aspects of orthopedics, so we’re well equipped to handle any athletic injury you may have. Our main goals are to keep you informed and get you back to to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

To better serve the needs of our athletes, we have created I RETURNED program. This program provides structured plans and customized support during the athletes return to play treatment journey.

If you have experienced an athletic injury, or would like to learn more about our sports medicine services, contact us today!

Orthopedic Navigators

Upon your visit with Sano Orthopedics, you will meet with an Orthopedic Navigator who will serve as your navigator to provide education about your condition as well as a treatment strategy. Your navigator will ensure treatment is understood, seamless and efficient.

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