Prevention Session

Attend this free information session to learn why female athletes have a significantly increased risk of ACL injry and how it can be minimized. Dr. Saithna will explain the anatomy of the knee, ACL injury and ACL prevention and how advanced surgical techniques can reduce the risk of re-injury after reconstruction.

The session will be beneficial to athletes, coaches and trainers.

When and Where

Dr. Saithna will present at Boost on 16052 Foster Street in Overland Park on Sunday, Oct 20th at 4pm.

Athletic Trainers can earn 1.5 hours of continuing education credits.

About Dr. Saithna

Dr. Saithna is Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Adjunct Clinical Faculty at KCU. He is an expert in Knee Ligament Repair and Reconstruction. He has over 30 publications on knee ligament surgery in leading journals. He has won multiple awards for work on ACL surgery including from Arthroscopy Association North America. Learn more about Dr. Saithna‘s training and interests.

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